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Best AC Maintenance Services in Delhi

Any machine needs ordinary upkeep to keep away from undue breakdowns and upgrade its working execution with a better life cycle. We offer PPM chips away at Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, and yearly frequencies to guarantee close to zero personal time for the AC units. The AC should be maintained at least once in a year for better performance and long life. The ac AMC services should use the best service method which is affordable along with better quality

annual maintenance contract service in delhi

Types of AMC

If you are looking for ac AMC services in Delhi then you will find different types of services which you can find below

Work Contract: Free of work charges on administration period. According to their service, you have to pay.

Common agreement: Based on Yearly AMC Service – 4 visits will be completed to the customer. No need for work charges. We fix works, for example, Overhauling and Gas Charging barring of Compressor and fan engine Rewinding. Services should be done according to the number of visits in a year.

Without Compressor: Compressor doesn't fall on free fix/substitution; anyway, the substitution of the blower will be disseminated by the maker to us dependent on your buy bill on its disappointment during the ensuring period.

Extensive agreement: Free help unit and free assistance station. No Need for stress over your forced air system and administration cost. We spread all the Major issues, redesigning, Gas Charging, Fan Motor Rewinding, Compressor substitutions, etc.., of your climate control system. Costing will be done in your CAMC Contract. The ac installation charges which is also included in the agreement

Advantages and Features Of Contract

  • Air molding units will be checked at first before administration, for Temperature, Amperage, and Noise.
  • Air channel will be cleaned.
  • Ac Service Price List.
  • The electrical control board will be checked and cleaned. i.e registration of Selector switch. Indoor regulator P.T.C.R. Swaying Motor, Vent Levers and Exhaust Levers, if vital.
  • Fan Motors will be checked and oil of the fan engine will be finished.
  • A/C unit will be on trial for through beware of temperature and working productivity after assistance.
  • Servicing A/c. unit will be on Monthly/Alternate Monthly/Quarterly Basis according to the client's craving. Any breakdown calls will be gone with the prompt reaction on ordinary working hours.
  • All electrical parts and extras charges are to be paid quickly at the hour of substitution.
  • All transportation for the development of Air Conditioners must be borne by the customer for any Service Station Work.
  • Free Overhauling: The cooling unit will be brought to the Service Station for General Overhauling at whatever point the state of the unit requires to do as such.
  • Free Transportation: Free transportation will be given at whatever point the cooling unit is gathered to our administration station for updating or any significant fixes.
  • Free Gas Charging: Gas Charging will be done if there is a spill in the framework at our Service Station. Any Gas spill due to misusing the unit will be dependent upon the sole attentiveness of the Company
  • Free Spares: Supply of extras and materials will be liberated from cost whenever required for the unit, because of mileage during the agreement time frame.
  • Free Chemical Washing: During the Overhauling of the Air Conditioners, this compound washing procedure will be liberated from charges.

Annual Maintenance Contract (Amc)

Annual Maintence Contract
AC Type PER TR 1 st Year 2 nd Year(10% offer) 5 th year (20 %)
Split AC 1 TON 2,400.00 2,400.00 4,320.00 9,600.00
1.5 TON 2,600.00 2,600.00 4,680.00 10,400.00
2 TON 2,800.00 2,800.00 5,040.00 11,200.00
Window AC 1 TON 2,300.00 2,300.00 4,140.00 9,200.00
1.5 TON 2,500.00 2,500.00 4,500.00 10,000.00
2 TON 2,700.00 2,700.00 4,860.00 10,800.00
Cassatte AC PER TON 1,450.00 1,450.00 1,305.00 1,160.00
Ductable AC PER TR 1,550.00 1,550.00 1,395.00 1,240.00

Comprehensive Annual Maintence Contract
AC Type PER TR 1 st Year 2 nd Year(10% offer) 5 th year (20 %)
Split AC 1 TON 3,800.00 3,800.00 6,840.00 15,200.00
1.5 TON 4,400.00 4,400.00 7,920.00 17,600.00
2 TON 5,200.00 5,200.00 9,360.00 20,800.00
Window AC 1 TON 3,600.00 3,600.00 6,480.00 14,400.00
1.5 TON 4,200.00 4,200.00 7,560.00 16,800.00
2 TON 5,000.00 5,000.00 9,000.00 20,000.00
Cassatte AC PER TON 3,600.00 3,600.00 3,240.00 2,880.00
Ductable AC PER TON 4,400.00 4,400.00 3,960.00 3,520.00

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