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Advantages and disadvantages of taking ac on rent in Noida

Ac on rent in Noida: If you want to live comfortably during summers, then you need an AC. It is difficult to beat the summer heat with a normal fan. 

Air conditioners have made our lives easier, but some people may not be able to buy them, or they may need them temporarily. In such cases, renting an air conditioner is a good option. You can enjoy the cool air of an air conditioner without any hassle of buying it. Although, there are some disadvantages also. If you want ac on rent in Noida, then do read this article to know about the advantages and disadvantages of taking ac on rental basis. 

Advantages of taking ac on rental in Noida

Saves money

Air conditioners are expensive. Many people may find it challenging to buy. If you want AC, but lack the budget, then don’t worry, you can take AC on rent to enjoy the cool air. Assuming an air conditioner on rent is cheap. You can enjoy the cool air of air conditioners in your budget by making ac on rent Noida

Fulfils temporary needs of an AC

If you need an air conditioner temporarily, then taking a rental ac is the best option. If you need it for your guests or any event, then you can enquire about ac for rent in Delhi. Window AC split AC, and portable ACs, are easily available on a rental basis. It will solve your temporary needs for air conditioners in a budget. You can take the AC for 3 to 4 months during summer. It will make your summers enjoyable, and peaceful, without spending much money. 


AC on rent offers a lot of flexibility. You can enquire about ac on rent near me to take it on rent. AC on rent is available for a day, week, month, or even year. You can use the model and brand that you want. Take the AC that is not used for more than a year. You can upgrade your ac unit also. 


When you buy an air conditioner, you have to take care of its maintenance, and servicing needs. When you take ac on rent then there is no need to take care of its maintenance because AC dealers take care of their air conditioner servicing. 

Technical advice

AC dealers are professional in their field. They have all the knowledge of different AC brands and models. You will get their views and advice. You will get the experience of AC units before buying them. So, you will buy the best unit for your home according to your prior experience. They also provide technical assistance in case of malfunctioning air conditioners.

Solves urgent need

Buying an air conditioner takes time. You need to find the prices of different air conditioners, know about different ac models, their functions, etc. But renting is a quick task. You don’t have to do a lot of things before taking ac on rent. If you want to change it, then you can easily do it. So, it solves the urgent needs of an air conditioner. 

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Disadvantages of taking ac on rental basis

Electricity bill

Air conditioners consume power to operate.  You can calculate the power consumption from the information given on the label of ac. Yet, on average it consumes 3000 W per hour of electricity. So, renting an electricity bill will increase your electricity bill. You can take an ac with a high star rating to save electricity bills. 

Low cooling ac

Some AC dealers give a low cooling AC at a high rent. You may have to pay high rent for an AC which is not even giving you cool air. 


Taking ac on rent is costly. It is good for the short term, but if you are taking it for the long term, then it can be costly for you. You can save that money to buy an air conditioner for yourself. 

For example- if the rent for one month is 2000, and you are giving it for a year, then it will cost Rs.30000. A new air conditioner can come in this budget. It means you can use the air conditioner next year without giving any cost, or you can use that money for paying EMI. 

24×7 Ac service

There are pros as well as cons of ac on rent. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can decide if you want to buy an AC or take it on rent. If you want ac on rent in Noida sector 62, then you can contact 24×7 ac service. We provide good quality air conditioners on a rental basis at an affordable price. Living in a cool place is necessary for summer to live happily without any problem. Living in a hot environment can cause dehydration due to increased sweating and it also increases the chances of heat stroke. It occurs due to excessive heat.


Renting an air conditioner also involves costs like electricity cost and repair costs, but it is a good way of using an air conditioner without the hassle of buying it. Renting an air conditioner is easy and cheap as compared to buying it. You can save its maintenance costs. Mainly, there are two types of AC, window AC and split AC. 

You can rent any AC, depending on your requirement and choice. If you want window ac, then you can enquire about window ac on rent near me, and if you want split ac, then you can enquire about split ac on rent near me. 

Taking AC on rent is a good option, especially for students, or people who travel a lot. If you live in a rented apartment, then a lot of transportation costs are saved. Renting ac provides an opportunity for people to experience air conditioners.

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