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Choose The Best Material For You Copper vs Alloy

AC service in Delhi: Are you thinking about which condenser is best, Copper or alloy? Then, this article is for you. It’s not the condenser that is made of copper or aluminium? It’s the coil of that condenser that is either made up of copper, aluminium, or alloy. While purchasing an air conditioner we see several things like efficiency, brand, size, type, capacity, etc. but, we often forget to look at the material the condenser coil is made of. 

Coils are an important part of air conditioners. It is present in the outdoor unit i.e. condenser. It is responsible for releasing heat outside the room absorbed by refrigerant from inside the room. Since it is placed outside, it is exposed to harsh climate and other things. Therefore, coils easily get dirty. AC service cleans condenser coils and evaporator coils, to increase the efficiency of air conditioners. You can contact AC repair service Delhi to clean your air conditioner’s coils. 

Copper and aluminium both have their advantages and disadvantages. A brief of all their pros and cons are covered in this article. It will help you to make the right decision when purchasing an air conditioner. 


Copper is expensive as compared to aluminium. Copper is difficult to bend, so more of it is required. It further increases its cost. However, manufacturers are now using thinner copper to reduce its cost. 


The weight of coils depends on the thickness of copper or alloy. In general, copper is heavy as compared to aluminium. 

Heating efficiency

Both have good heating efficiency, but copper is more heat efficient compared to aluminium. It means it absorbs heat faster and cools down quickly as well. Aluminium is relatively slower in doing so. 

Aluminium alloy

This type of condenser is usually good. They have a microchannel for heat exchange. It results in less refrigerant charge and increased efficiency. 


Copper is strong and durable. Aluminium also offers good durability but it is slightly low compared to copper.  


 The coil needs to be reliable because it is present outside and is exposed to harsh conditions. Copper offers good reliability. Aluminium needs to be placed in a heavy-duty cabinet to protect the coils. It makes it difficult to clean and maintain it. 


If the coils are corroded, then it seriously affects the life of the air conditioner. When air flows through the coils frequently, then a process takes place called oxidation. It causes several issues in AC like leakage problems, decreased efficiency in heat transfers, etc. Aluminium and copper both corrode. Copper corrodes slowly as compared to aluminium. Aluminium also offers the advantage that one’s top layer is corroded, it will not corrode further. Copper will continue to corrode until it is fully consumed. 

Manufacturers of air conditioners are also using techniques to slow down the process of corrosion. LG uses ocean black technology. Similarly, Panasonic and Blue star use a bluefin condenser. A coating is done that prevents corrosion. Having an air conditioner with such type of technology is especially helpful for people living near salty areas or coastal areas. These areas are humid which makes them more prone to corrosion. 

Companies like Hitachi are using auto-clean mode. This technology is amazing as it automatically cleans coils. It increases the efficiency of coils and extends the life of air conditioners. 

Repairing and maintenance

Copper is easy to repair and maintain. It is also user-friendly. Aluminium can easily be damaged. It is also hard to maintain because it is placed in a heavy-duty cabinet, which makes it difficult to clean and maintain. 

Aluminium can not be repaired on-site. It is also prone to leakages and takes time to repair. 

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Copper is costly but is worth the cost. Aluminium is also a good option. Manufacturers are making it cheap as well as efficient through their latest technologies. Inverter dual compressors are becoming more popular these days. A copper coil with grooved copper tubes is a good option for your air conditioner. Since aluminium prevents corrosion, it is also a good option, but because of poor performance in heat transfer efficiency, it is not preferred by some people.

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