Develop video streaming apps that are accessible and compatible with all platforms

If you’re live streaming for business advertisement, it only makes sense to reduce cost and use what you already have available at hand. Free streaming platforms, like DailyMotion and YouTube, have no real privacy or security tools, so it is almost impossible to limit access to your content. Paid tools, however, are generally equipped with both privacy and security features. This keeps your content and video CMS safe from hackers and it allows you to control who has access to your video players. The best streaming services are equipped with video API access, which allows you to customize your video hosting experience by integrating external apps and programs. With the right professional video streaming service, you can literally send your content around the globe.

Why is Mobile Streaming Important

They allow you to stream without third-party ads or logos. However, using a paid streaming solution takes it a step further by providing a customizable HTML5 video player. For starters, making your in-person events available for remote attendance is a great way to widen your business or organization’s reach.

Best Apps for Mobile Streaming

Mobile application development may become even more integral as foldable phones and 5G support come online. This one is operated by the American network HBO and offers an on-demand service. This app allows users to access the original HBO content.

Why is Mobile Streaming Important

Most professional streaming services are equipped with tracking tools and analytics dashboards to help you evaluate the outcome of your live event. Go through Google Play Store or Apple App Store to look for live streaming apps that you can draw inspiration from, especially ones you’ll be in close competition with. Since there are many live streaming app alternatives today, users are less forgiving of platforms that experience breaches. The damaging effects on your reputation may be irreversible. That’s what happened to Sony during the infamous Sony 2014 cyber attack that damaged its reputation in Hollywood.

Knowing who you want to reach, where to reach them, and what content you want to share will help you produce a more successful mobile live stream. The most crucial technology behind mobile broadcasting is the mobile device itself. The capacity and features of smartphones have seen dramatic growth over the past decade. Of course, nothing beats a professional recording setup with TV-grade cameras and equipment, but a phone streaming setup comes in handy in some situations. Live streaming with a phone is a great alternative when you need a quick recording and broadcasting solution. If your business wants to get into the live streaming game now, streaming from a smartphone is the quickest way to do so.

How Do You Pick the Best Streaming Service?

These tools make it possible to protect your video content from people with poor intentions. Your content is valuable, which is why you are going to want to protect it with the tools offered by a professional video service. Access to a powerful CDN is expensive when you purchase it outside of a professional streaming service. CDN prices are often determined by how much bandwidth you use, so the cost can creep up on you.

Millions get into live streaming, broadcast live video, and shoot live video from their mobile devices. It’s as easy as taking out your smartphone, pointing, and shooting. But, while it’s simple in theory, you need need a reliable mobile live streaming platform to broadcast your content properly and get real results.

Let’s run through the four steps for live streaming an event with the Zoom live streaming integration on Dacast. Setting up your own live stream requires technical skills and experience that the average business professional doesn’t have. You can purchase your own server with Wowza Media Systems, for example, but this option can get too complicated and expensive.

Dacast offers one of the best live-streaming platforms available anywhere. With Dacast, you’ll maximize your mobile streaming potential using reasonably built plans to suit every budget. Although you can stream from your smartphone alone, there is some additional mobile live streaming equipment that can help make your mobile broadcast a bit more professional-looking. We recommend reading comparisons of the top streaming platforms and taking advantage of free trials. Zoom is among the most popular peer-to-peer conferencing tools, but on its own, it is not capable of the advanced streaming professional online video platforms are.

Why is Mobile Streaming Important

You won’t be able to create this kind of relationship with your viewers through any other content. Want to learn more about mobile live streaming with Dacast? Get in touch with our expert support team who’ll gladly answer any and all questions. What’s more, you can take sign-up and take advantage of our 14-day free trial today.

The iPhone Pro 14 offers image stabilization, ensuring your recording isn’t shaky. It also comes with night mode, 3x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, and 6x optical zoom range. In addition, it includes a strong microphone equipped with audio zoom. This is where the support of an experienced developer comes into play.

streaming app development process

Apart from the platforms created for live streaming, most social media channels now also facilitate live video. For example, Facebook live, YouTube live, Instagram, Periscope from Twitter, from and many more. You can quickly stream from your smartphone and share news and information with your audience. Unrelated advertisements and third-party logos tend to clutter the screen and take the focus away from your live event. When you’re streaming live videos, a few seconds’ worth of data is sent to the CDN server by the source, and this is stored there. This enables you to deliver high-quality live streams to your audience all around the globe with minimal lag.

There are numerous advantages of using a professional live streaming service for your business. It is one of the most used video streaming platforms and can be installed on nearly all smartphones. You can create your channels and upload your content online. Anybody can upload their videos and receive feedback or reviews.

  • Since you’re streaming on the go, you probably will not have the professional lighting setup that you’d have in a studio.
  • Companies can also use live broadcasts to enhance and maximize direct communication with customers and community partners.
  • This is particularly crucial if you’re streaming a large-scale event such as a concert or your company’s annual general meeting.
  • Live streaming is one of the fastest growing industries out there because it’ helps you reach a much broader audience with relatively low investment.
  • There are so many options, including platforms that specifically show educational options or focus on special interests like DIY.
  • We love to hear from our readers, so sound off in the comment section if you have any questions or comments.

YouTube will also favor live video on its searches, as will many other platforms. The consumption of multimedia content on smartphones is becoming increasingly unstoppable. Millennials and Gen Z are the most likely audience to use mobile devices to watch OTT videos. In addition, nearly one-third of consumers (30% of Gen Z and 28% of Millennials) stream at least once a week or more. A tethered internet connection is the most ideal for live streaming, but that isn’t an option when you’re streaming from your smartphone. If you are in public, a private hotspot is a good alternative.

We’ll detail the necessary information you need to get started. When building a live streaming platform, you must take the same precautions as a video streaming app. Also, make sure that the stream is happening in real time. You will need to consider the requirements of live streaming, which differs from VoD streaming. This involves processing large amounts of data and then transferring it through a communication channel with limited bandwidth. It is designed to minimize lag times and provide users with a positive, live experience.

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