Five Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Support

5 Emerging Trends in Customer Service: The 2024 Conversational AI Landscape Nov, 2023 Medium

5 Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Customer Support

A technology veteran, investor and serial entrepreneur, Mohan has developed services for clients including Singapore’s leading advertising companies, fans of Bollywood movies and companies that need mobile apps. Mckinsey reports that according to more than 85% of businesses, a strong value contribution from customer analytics was achieved through extensive use of IT, analytics, and its implementation. Filipino contact center agents have strong written and oral communication skills. Their pop culture is heavily influenced by the West, making them more receptive to the culture.

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Product improvement is the process of making meaningful product changes that result in new customers or increased benefits for existing customers. You can expect to see them develop the ability to learn about each of your customers by tapping into the endless amount of information stored about their past support issues, behaviors, and demographic information. You can also monitor the forum and chime in if a question goes unanswered for a day or two.

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When it comes to the bottom line, customer satisfaction can’t tell you, in dollars, how many customers your agents helped retain or grow. Embracing the trends that are driving the shifting landscape of customer support will ensure you can deliver a great customer experience, grow your business, and remain competitive in your industry. By delivering best-in-class customer support, you’re improving the customer experience. And delivering a great customer experience is at the core of increasing customer satisfaction levels. Satisfied customers stick around longer, can become brand advocates, spend more, and ultimately lead to faster revenue growth.

5 Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Customer Support

According to our research, 45% of service decision-makers are using AI, up from 24% in 2020. It also means that over half of decision-makers have yet to adopt AI in customer service. It requires a deep understanding of processes, tools, and systems – some of which are far too complex for non-experts. Add to that the outsourcing firm’s profit margin, yet BPO services are still more economical than doing your in-house customer service.

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The will be a continued push towards greater accessibility and inclusivity with AI, but challenges remain due to the complexities and costs of developing foundational AI models. This dichotomy sets the stage for increasing public demands for transparency and ethical oversight in AI. They are becoming personal companions, digital assistants, and gateways to new realities. They represent a shift towards a more intimate and interactive relationship with technology, one where our digital and physical worlds intertwine seamlessly. Rewind, another breakthrough product, is revolutionizing how we capture and relive our memories. Imagine a device that not only records moments as we experience them but also allows us to revisit, understand, reflect on our memories.

5 Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Customer Support

Brands often forget the small things, but the details that stimulate the customer are what really drive positive sentiment. This shows that customers care most about how food and recipe boxes touch their senses. Brands should take note of this and focus their messaging on how much the customer will enjoy their meal, how easy cooking will become now, and how healthy they’ll feel with your recipes and food. Unexpected fees, frozen or blocked accounts, or the sudden inability to pay with a card all led to a severe reaction. More than 1,500 reviews mentioned a frozen or blocked account across the challenger banks we analyzed. Live chat software, self-serve content, queue-less phone calling will all be critical to customer retention in the future.

When a negative comment gets posted on social media, it can spread like wildfire if you don’t pull out the firehose as soon as possible. With the help of social listening and monitoring tools, your team can receive alerts anytime someone mentions your brand on social media. This allows support teams to keep an eye on all social behavior and react to negative comments before they get shared and start to impact your brand’s reputation. Since the inception of customer support call centers in the 1960s to the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and bots to assist support teams, the face of customer support has changed dramatically. As technology continues to advance, you can expect to see even more dramatic changes to how companies manage and deliver customer support. However, in the coming months and beyond, we will see the rise of “machine customers” — intelligent algorithms that engage with human customers seamlessly.

Furthermore, as AI continues to penetrate various sectors, cross-industry partnerships could give rise to bundled services. These bundles could combine AI tools with traditional software services, offering a comprehensive package that addresses a wider array of business needs. Another emerging model could be performance-based charges are aligned with the outcomes or results delivered by the AI tool. Such a model would be particularly appealing in sectors where AI’s impact can be quantitatively measured, like in marketing analytics, financial forecasting, or even creative industries. Moreover, the trend is shifting away from relying solely on large, general-purpose models as they are not quite perfect for every need.

These structural trends will shape new operating models and improve broad processes. To avoid being left behind, it is important for organizations to understand these trends and apply specific actions to begin their transformation sooner rather than later. This way they can create a more agile and responsive supply chain that can capture the promise of value creation, cost reduction and improved shareholder value. Our product roadmap is a series of steppingstones—each one takes customer support leaders step-by-step into this extraordinary future that awaits them. Granular, accurate, and real-time support ticket analytics is the lynchpin for much of what’s next for customer service. Businesses must handle customer data ethically and openly to take the edge off the privacy concerns.

  • These models are smaller in terms of parameter count as well as storage and memory requirements, allowing them to run on less powerful and less expensive hardware.
  • The application of AI to support tickets opens up a wealth of opportunity for strategic customer service.
  • Companies can use a range of different tools both on the customer side and internally, on the agent side.
  • “Many of these businesses have even stitched these customer teams directly into their R&D teams to ensure the feedback loop between customer and product is as tight as it possibly can be.”
  • Customers should feel like their needs are understood and met, but not at the cost of their privacy.

Consumers no longer interact with brands through single channels; they crave an integrated experience that spans across various platforms. Zendesk reports that 73% of consumers wish for the ability to move seamlessly between channels, which our omnichannel solutions provide. The convergence of voice, chat, email, social media, and even VR/AR platforms into a cohesive customer journey ensures that consumers can pick up where they left off, regardless of the channel they choose. This is imperative as more than half of contact center leaders anticipate an increase in interaction volumes over the next 18 months. Visual AI, particularly in the form of digital humans or personas, is redefining the customer experience by adding a human touch to digital interactions.

Organizations will need to intensely focus on mining relevant, clean and well-governed data if they want to make the most of their new technology investments. Data will also be crucial as organizations are pressured to meet evolving ESG and Scope 3 commitments. We bring together passionate problem-solvers, innovative technologies, and full-service capabilities to create opportunity with every insight.

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