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Why you should consider 24x7ACservice while taking AC on rental basis in Noida

Do you want to enjoy your summers? How you want to spend your summers depends on you. If you want to spend it peacefully, then you need an air conditioner. It’s impossible to keep your mind calm without an AC during the intense summer heat. If you do not want to purchase it, then don’t worry you can take AC on rental basis in Noida. It will solve all your problems in a pocket-friendly way. If you are looking for rental ac near me, then you have landed on the right page.

You can contact 24×7 AC Service to take ac on rent. We are a trustworthy and reliable AC service company.

Why you should consider 24×7 AC Service while taking ac on rental basis in Noida?

There are many companies in Noida that provide AC rental services, but you will get the best service in 24×7 AC Service.

Free Installation

Air conditioners require proper installation to work efficiently. No matter how smart your AC is, it will not work properly if installation is done in the wrong way. Expert professionals of our team will properly install your AC unit to give you optimized cooling. They have the required knowledge of tools and techniques. We also have decades of experience in this field. Our team will install an air conditioner unit without any breakage, leak or falling.

Free maintenance

Machinery requires maintenance to work properly. Working for long hours without any maintenance and servicing results in a decline in efficiency. Similarly, air conditioners also require regular servicing and maintenance. If you are taking ac on rent Noida from 24×7 AC Service, then don’t worry about its maintenance. We provide maintenance services during the rental period.

If you are having any queries, then feel free to contact us anytime. Our team will answer all your questions appropriately. If your AC is not functioning properly, then just give us a call, we’ll fix all issues without any delay. Our AC technician will reach your doorstep to solve all your AC issues. AC technicians are trained to provide quality service in a small time.


No matter how good the thing is if it is not in your budget. Therefore, we provide services at the most competitive prices. Our cost is reasonable and pocket friendly to fit your budget. The price depends on the time for which you have taken ac on rent. You can take it on rent depending on your requirement and needs. The cost of ac on rent in Noida also depends on the tonnage capacity of the AC unit. It means the rent of a 3-ton AC will be more than a 2-ton AC. If you want to know about the exact cost of ac on rental basis in Noida, then contact us. We will tell you the most suitable price for you. If you are taking AC for a long term like 1 year, then you may get discounts, and offers.

Variety of air conditioners

You will get a wide variety of air conditioners to take ac on rent. We offer window air conditioners, split air conditioners, portable air conditioners, hybrid air conditioners, central air conditioners, smart air conditioners, etc. You will also get a variety of brands like LG, Samsung, Voltas, Godrej, Blue Star, Panasonic, etc.

You can take any ac on rental basis in Noida that you want. If you didn’t like the performance, then you can change it, but the better option is to check the functioning and performance of the AC before taking it. If you are confused about which air conditioner to take on rent, then we’ll help you in deciding the AC that will fit you the best according to your requirement and needs.

Happy customers

We have a record that all our customers are happy with the services that they have got from us. We provide 100% value to our customers because customer satisfaction is our priority.

Experienced employees

Our employees are well trained and experienced. They have knowledge of the latest technologies, and functions of air conditioners. If any problem persists, then our employees can easily solve your problems. If you are not able to understand anything, then we also give technical advice to make your experience better.

Factors to consider before taking AC on rent

Energy efficiency

It is important to check the energy efficiency of the air conditioner that you want to take on rent otherwise; your electricity bill will increase. You can opt for 5-star air conditioners as they are energy efficient. You can see the label of AC to calculate its power consumption.

Type of air conditioner

There are various types of AC like window AC, split AC, central AC, and portable AC. Before taking ac for rent in Delhi, you must decide the type of AC that will fit your requirement. Take the AC that you can easily install in your room.

The efficiency of air conditioner

You should also consider the cooling speed of the AC. Prefer the AC that takes the least amount of time to cool your room. You can check the cooling performance before taking it on rent.

Installation service

When you take ac on rent in Noida, then you also get free installation service. Check if proper installation service is offered to you or not.

Maintenance and cleaning service

Free cleaning and maintenance service is also offered on rental AC services. An AC technician will reach your doorstep to service your AC. Check if rental AC service offers good maintenance service or not.

Know the difference between Non Inverter AC and Inverter AC


Rent on ac in Noida from 24×7 AC Service will help you immensely to beat the summer heat. Charges are also competitive so that our customers can easily benefit from our services. We provide cooling solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, and get your ac on rent to enjoy your summers and have peaceful sleep in the air-conditioned room.

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