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3 Things you should never do to your AC?

Air conditioners have become a crucial part of our everyday life. We always hear about things that should be done to your AC. If you are thinking about the things that should never be done to your AC. Then, you are reading the right article. Here will you will get to know the right time to call AC technician in Delhi

 ACs are important, but they are also expensive. Lifespan depends on the manufacturer of AC, and the type of cooling system used. If they are serviced on time, and taken proper care of, then their lifespan further increases. Doing certain wrong things may damage your air conditioner. You may even need to replace it. Replacing an air conditioner is a costly affair. So, it’s better to keep your air conditioner healthy. 

3 Things that you should avoid for your AC?

There are many things that you should not do with your air conditioner. However, these 3 things are essential to remember. These simple things will help you in maintaining your air conditioner.

1. Missing annual maintenance

The wear and tear of machinery makes them less efficient with time. An air conditioner is also a machine. You lose about 5% of efficiency every year when AC is not serviced. So the foremost important thing is to never miss annual maintenance. 

It also ensures that your AC doesn’t break down suddenly. This will prepare your air conditioner for summer because you don’t want your AC to stop working when you need it. You can service your air conditioner anytime during the year, but the best time to get it serviced is before the arrival of summer season. Inspection of parts and cleaning of components increases its efficiency and makes it ready for summer.  

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Maintenance of AC includes the following things

  1. Cleaning of evaporator and condenser coil
  2. Checking motor, and fan belt
  3. Cleaning of fins
  4. Checking and cleaning air filters, and replacing them if required
  5. Lubricating parts
  6. Checking leakage
  7. Inspecting wires and connections.
  8. Checking the accuracy of the thermostat
  9. Checking the level of refrigerant, and refilling them if required
  10. Checking and cleaning drain pipes
  11. Checking fan and compressor

In short, annual maintenance includes cleaning, tightening of wires, an inspection of all the parts, looking for any wear and tear, catching issues, and resolving it before it causes any damage to your AC. 

The air conditioner is complex machinery. Its servicing and repairing should always be done by a professional AC technician in Delhi.  Modern ACs have many functions. It is necessary to understand them before touching any part. So, always contact a trustable and viable AC servicing company. Proper inspection and testing of components help in avoiding major issues. Detecting minor issues at an early stage can help you in avoiding heavy repairing bills. 

If you are thinking that having annual maintenance means a waste of money, then you are wrong. If the efficiency of AC decreases, then it increases electricity bills. Timely maintenance also helps in reducing repairing needs. So, you will also be saving your money on repairing bills. 

2. Frequently adjusting the thermostat

If you frequently adjust the thermostat, then it is one of the worst things you are doing with your air conditioner. Never do that. It is harmful to your air conditioner because it increases workload. It may lead to damage to components and cause premature failure.  If you want to avoid costly repair bills and avoid premature failure, then remember this thing. 

If you are not getting a good cooling experience, then properly insulate the room and seal air leaks. Use curtains to avoid direct sunlight in your room.  Keep doors and windows closed while AC is turned on. 

If you want to maintain optimized temperature, then you can install a programmable thermostat. It also helps in saving electricity and adds more comfort to your life. It will adjust the temperature automatically when you’re at home and away. Some thermostats also allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day. 

Also, look at the position of the thermostat. The Wrong positioning of a thermostat is not good for your air conditioner. Avoid locating it under direct sunlight, or near the kitchen. Try to install it in a room which you and your family frequently use. 

3. Opening the air conditioner for repairing or servicing it yourself

If you prefer to do your work yourself, then it’s good, but don’t try to repair your AC yourself. Even if you have opened it, it may be difficult for you to reassemble it. As mentioned, an air conditioner is complex machinery.

 Opening it and trying to fix the issue without an AC technician may cause damage to your AC. It can also void the manufacturer’s warranty; if it happens then you have to incur all the cost yourself.  Fixing AC issues need special know-how and expertise to detect the issue and correct it. The knowledge and expertise of AC professionals ensure that nothing goes wrong with your AC. 

Many people watch DIY hacks and try to service their AC themselves. They think that it will help in saving money, but it’s not true. It may also waste their time because a non-technical person will take a lot of time even to do a small task in it.

 AC technician in Delhi can do all the work in a small amount of time because they have the required skill. If you have done something wrong to your AC, then it will increase your repair cost, because you will have to contact an AC technician with increased issues in your air conditioner. So, always contact a professional AC technician to repair or service your AC. 


Not doing these things will help you in keeping your AC healthy. If you notice signs or symptoms of AC breakdown, then immediately call your AC technician, and avoid becoming the technician yourself. Do not give your AC to a quack AC technician. If you are looking for a trustable and reliable AC technician in Delhi, then you can contact 24×7 Ac service. We provide the best air conditioning services at the best rate. If you need help with repairing, then feel free to contact us.

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