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5 things to consider before taking AC on rent in Noida

ACon rent near me: Are you looking for AC on rent in Noida, then you are on the right blog. Air conditioners have the power to convert your frustrating summers into amazing summers. If you don’t want to buy an air conditioner, then don’t worry, you can take it on rent.

 Air conditioners are expensive, AC on rent is an affordable option to get cool air as well as save money. 

If you are a hosteller or living in a rented apartment, then AC on rent is the best option for you. You don’t have to carry it when you shift to another place. Most people use it only in the summer, so you can save a lot of money on maintenance, and servicing by taking AC on rent. 

If you want AC for rent in Delhi, then it’s important to contact a reliable dealer, and consider some factors before taking it. 5 things to consider before taking ACon rent are given in this article. 

5 things to consider before taking AC on rent in Noida

When you will take ACon rent in Noida, then consider these factors before taking it. It will help you in getting the best AC for you at the best rate.

Cooling needs

The first thing is to know about your cooling needs. Do you need window ACor split ac? If you want split ACon rent near me or window ACon rent near me, then you can contact 24×7 ACservice. 

You need an air conditioner only for summers, or for a longer duration. You can ask for discounts if you want to take it for longer periods. 

Therefore, keep in mind your cooling needs while taking the air conditioner on rent. 


Another factor to consider is space. If you are considering renting an air conditioner, then knowing the space that is required to be cooled is important. When you rent an AC, then its size should be according to your room. Oversized AC or undersized AC doesn’t provide optimized cooling. 

  • If you have a room size of approx. 110 sq. ft., then you can take a 1-ton ac. 
  • If your room size is 110 to 185 sq. ft. Then a 2-ton AC is a good option for you. 
  • For rooms measuring 185 to 275 sq., ft2-ton AC is ideal. 

Also consider, if you want AC for a single room or multiple rooms. 

The rent amount depends on the tonnage of the ac, so it will also help you in saving money. 

Power supply

Air conditioners consume a good amount of power. Electricity consumption depends on many factors, but on average, an ACcan consumes 3000W of electricity per hour. 

So, it’s important to know about the sources of power supply. If you are renting a big ac, then you may need special outlets. Therefore, find out about the voltage needs of the rented ac, and the voltage available in your apartment. Also, determine the outlet needed to run the air conditioner and outlets that are available.


Decide the money, you are ready to pay for a rented air conditioner. Contact dealers, and ask them to offer it in your budget. Spending too much on AC can make your monthly budget tight, therefore deciding in advance will help you to make a better decision regarding AC for rent in Delhi. 

The AC on rent in Noida depends on the time duration, and the capacity of air conditioners i.e. its tonnage. For example, a 2-ton ACcosts more than a 1-ton ac. 

Also, ask for installation charges, you have to incur, or the dealer will incur them.

You can try to take on rent before summer. The charges are low during this time. In the peak of summer, the charges are high, and the demand for it is also huge. So, the contractor may not offer you any discount. 

The room should be sealed to get the best cooling experience, otherwise, your electricity bill will increase, without cooling you. So, choose a room in which you do not have to spend money sealing the room. If you are spending your money on it, then consider its cost also. You can use curtains and drapes to cover windows. Direct sunlight should not come into the room otherwise, your room will not get cool.


If you live in a rented house, then it’s important to take permission from the landlord. The landlord will also help you in deciding the duct option. Some are vented out of the window, or it can also be done through a drop ceiling. Consulting your landlord before doing anything helps in avoiding future conflicts. 

If you live in your own space, then there is no worry, you can do anything you want to do because the apartment is all yours. 

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How to take AC on rent in Noida

Here are some of the things which you should consider before taking ACon rent in Noida

The checklist is as follows:

  • Rent an air conditioner from a trustable and reputable dealer. 
  • Check functioning before installing it. Do a careful inspection before making any deal.
  • Never rent an old air conditioner. It should not be older than a year.
  • Ask the AC owner about its warranty options. 
  • Try to take the AC with a high power rating and power saving. It will help you in saving on electricity bills.
  • The size of the air conditioner should be according to your needs.
  • Ask the AC owner to give you the best stabiliser. 
  • Rent an AC for a short duration, you can easily change it. If you didn’t like the ACor the brand. 
  • Ask the AC owner about the installation cost. 


Renting an air conditioner can make your summers comfortable, in a budget-friendly way. When you take AC on rent in Noida, then make sure you get the most out of your rental air conditioner. These factors will help you in getting the best air conditioner for your space. 

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