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How To Fix Uneven Cooling In Your Room With Different Ac Variants

Scorching summers already cause a lot of problems for people. Uneven cooling further creates more issues. If you want to fix uneven cooling in your room with different ac variants, then this article is for you. 

Uneven cooling means some part of your room gets more cooling than others, or some part of your room is getting more heat. Cooling should be uniform all-round the place.

There are different AC variants. You can buy according to your utility. While buying or repairing an AC unit analyze your cooling requirements. One of the most common reasons for uneven cooling is that your air conditioner has become too old, either you need AC repair service or you need to upgrade it to a new one. However, remember to buy according to your requirements. 

Split AC

It is becoming popular these days. In households, people prefer to install it. If you will give timely maintenance to your air conditioner then, it will give uniform cooling. Issues like the fan not working, or not providing cool air may occur. You can call 24×7 AC Service for AC repair and service to get uniform cooling. 

Window AC

Window AC requires low maintenance. It is also cheap as compared to split AC. It requires a window to get installed. These types of AC units are also good. You can get your AC service repaired by a trained technician if you are facing issues like uneven cooling, socket fixing, broken thermostat, etc. 

Cassette AC

Cassette AC is popular for working places like offices, malls, private places, etc. It is placed in the ceiling. This air conditioner provides uniform cooling at each corner of the space. Installing this AC is good for employees as each one can take advantage of its coolness. Its installation and repair need knowledge. If you want to repair, or install it, then you can contact 24 x7 AC service to get uniform cooling. 

Stand AC

Stand AC is good if you are using rented space. There is no need for frequent installation and uninstallation; you just need to settle down your AC unit. It will help you in saving costs on installation. You should provide quality repair to your AC unit on time to avoid hassle at the last moment. 

Tips if you are receiving uneven cooling, even after installing a good air conditioner

Poor insulation

It is one of the prime reasons for getting uneven cooling. Poor insulation causes outside air to come in. If the outside temperature is too hot, then you will get hot air, and as a result, your room will not even get cooling. You can seal windows in summer when you run your air conditioner.  Also, replace deteriorated weather strippings and close all gaps. 

Direct sunlight

If your room is receiving direct sunlight, then the room doesn’t get cool. You can use curtains, or drapes, to stop direct sunlight. You can also ask an AC professional to help you in fixing this issue. 

Dirty air filters

If you haven’t serviced your AC for a long time, then chances are that air filters might have become dirty. Properly clean condenser coil, evaporator coil, fins, and filters to get even cooling. You can contact an AC technician to clean it all properly. Dirty air filters block air which results in uneven cooling. 

Air vents

Also, remember to check air vents. If they are obstructed by any object, like furniture, or sofa then it leads to poor air circulation. Remember to clear items from there. 

Use ceiling fans

You can also use ceiling or pedestal fans to get more uniform cooling. 

Zoning system

You can also add an HVAC zoning system. You can install dampers and thermostats in each zone to get uniform cooling in each zone. 

Programmable thermostat

You can also use a programmable thermostat. You can place it near the room where you use it the most. It will help you in getting comfortable cooling where you spend your most time. 

Leakage in ductwork

If your ductwork is leaking, then you need to call an AC professional to get it repaired.  Getting ductwork of proper size is important. 

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There are different AC variants. If your Ac system is too old, then consider replacing it. Get a perfect one according to your requirement. Sometimes, some issues may occur in the AC unit which causes uneven cooling. Repair, maintain or service your AC from 24*7 AC Service to get the best experience and get uniform cooling.

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