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When does your AC needs servicing?

How do I know if my AC needs to be serviced? What happens if AC is not serviced? If these are your questions, then keep reading this post to get answers to all your questions. 

Air conditioners need servicing and maintenance to keep them functioning properly and effectively. It is impossible to work for a single day without air conditioners. Air conditioners are a crucial appliance because of the scorching summer heat. 

During our training session to our technicians who have joined our AC servicing course in Delhi. We practically teach them when an AC needs servicing.

Why AC servicing is important?

Extends the lifespan of air conditioners

If proper servicing is not done timely, then it reduces the lifespan of air conditioners. Regular use of any appliance reduces its efficiency. Similarly; air conditioners also go through wear and tear. Servicing helps components of AC units to have an extended life. 

Saves cost

There is some cost involved in regular servicing of air conditioner, but it’s worth the cost. If you will not give proper servicing, then the failure of parts will cost you more than servicing cost. 

Saves electricity

When AC is not working efficiently, it consumes more electricity. If you have noticed a sudden spike in your electricity bill, then you should consult an AC professional. 

7 Signs your air conditioner needs repair

You are getting warm air

If you are getting warm air in cool mode, then it can be a sign that your compressor has failed, or the level of refrigerant is low than the desired level. In such a case, your air conditioner will need servicing from a trained professional. 

Insufficient airflow

Sometimes regular wear and tear cause failure of the compressor. If you are also experiencing insufficient airflow, then it’s time to get your ac unit serviced. Blocked air filters, clogged ductwork, and broken motors can be other reasons behind this problem. A trained ac expert will help you in finding the problem and diagnosing it. 

Excess humidity

Air conditioners control the level of moisture levels. If the level of humidity is high inside the room, then your ac needs to be checked. 

Water leakage

Dirt and dust blocks drain tubes. If they are clogged, then it leads to water leakage problems. It causes problems for end-users. 

Refrigerant leakage

Sometimes, there is leakage of refrigerant. If it occurs then immediate action needs to be taken. Gas leakage is dangerous for people and animals. Air conditioner maintenance service checks all the connections, pipes, and the HVAC system that prevents such incidents. 

Bad odours

If there is an unusual smell, or a bad odour coming, then don’t take it lightly. It might be because of some serious issues. If a burning smell comes, then there may be some problem with wire insulation. Sometimes musty smell comes. It’s because of mould growth in the ductwork. Cleaning the ductwork will solve your problem. 

Unusual noise

If you notice some unusual noise, then please pay attention to your ac unit before a major breakdown in your appliance. The buzzing sound comes because of loose parts. Sometimes rattling, grounding, or whistling sound also comes from ac unit. 


If you find any of the situations in your ac unit, then you need air conditioner maintenance service. The best time for ac servicing is the spring season or before the arrival of summer. Once a year ac servicing is important. It will ensure good performance. If you are searching for the best AC service provider in Delhi, 24x7acservice provider is here for what you are looking for.

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