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Which is the best ac brand in India in 2022? Are you thinking of buying an air conditioner this year? Or you are replacing your existing air conditioner. If you want to know about top ac brands in India 2022, then this article is for you. This article is important for you to make an informed decision. AC units are expensive. Summers are so hot that it is impossible to live peacefully without air conditioners. Therefore, it is important to get the right air conditioner installed at your home. Top 5 air conditioner brands in India are given in this blog. 

There are various AC brands in India. Competition has increased. Every year brands release new models of air conditioners with new features and functionalities. People not related to the technology field often feel confused while buying air conditioners. This blog post will act as a guide for you in deciding the AC brand you should bring home. 

What should we consider while buying an ac?

Inverter and non-inverter AC

Inverter technology compressors run on varying capacities according to the requirement of the consumer. AC units have different modes in Inverter technology. It is expensive but helps in saving electricity. Lifespan is also good in inverter technology. 

Star rating

A 5-star AC will consume less electricity as compared to a 3-star AC. You can buy a 5-star AC if you use your AC for more than 6 months. You can prefer to buy a 3-star AC if you use it for 3-4 months. 


It’s important to look at the capacity of the AC. First, find out your room size, and accordingly purchase your air conditioner.  For 110 sq. ft. 1 ton AC is sufficient. You can go for 1.5 ton AC, if your room size is 110 to 185 sq. ft. 2-ton AC will be ideal for rooms measuring 185 to 275 sq. ft. 

Noise level

Always buy the ac with the least average noise level. The air conditioners given in this article provide the least noise level. The noise level should not be more than 62db for indoor units. 


Air conditioners are expensive. So, always buy air conditioners which provide a good warranty on the product. 

Coating on coil

Coils must be coated. It prevents sediment and dust from accumulating on the coil and increases the lifespan of AC. 

Which AC is the best in 2022?


Voltas is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioners in India. Indian consumers trust Voltas. They offer good after-sales service, and they have many service centres all across our country. They provide a good product at the best price. Their models vary from low to high budget. 


It is the largest air-con company in India. It was founded in 1943. It has found a special place in the air conditioning space. It also has an international presence in 18 countries. 


Carrier is an American brand. This company is a world leader in providing air conditioning solutions. They offer premium quality hybrid air conditioners. Their models consume less power and have a long life span. This company gave us the first modern air conditioner.


Hitachi is also one of the good brands for air conditioners. It is a Japanese brand. It offers good performance, and also has a high long life. It is considered a premium ac brand that offers premium quality products.  


Panasonic is also a Japanese brand that is known for providing electronic products at the best rate. Panasonic air conditioners also offer good cooling. The noise level of their AC units is also quite low. Their models come with Nano x technology that can eliminate viruses, moulds, and bacteria to provide clean and cool air. One of the best features is that they offer customised sleep profiles. Their stream jet technology is also popular and throws air at high speed. 


There are various brands of air conditioners. Other than this, Samsung, Godrej, AC, and Mitsubishi are also good brands of air conditioners. All the brands mentioned in this post offer the best cooling performance.

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