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AC unit maintenance tips at home

Are you looking for AC unit maintenance tips at home? Then keep reading this page. As summers approach, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to tackle this scorching summer heat. Every year there is a rise in the temperature because of global warming. The first thing that you should do in summer is to check the air conditioner maintenance schedule. It is important to regularly service your air conditioner. 

If the ac is not serviced and maintained regularly, then it consumes more energy. It doesn’t function properly, and as a result, it destroys your whole day.  Another thing that you can do is to plant more trees because natural coolers are also important for our life.   

Here is an air conditioner maintenance checklist that you can have a look at to make your job easier for summers. Some ac tips and tricks are also given in this blog post. 

Check air filters

Air filters stop dust and debris from entering the room. These air filters need to be cleaned regularly for proper functioning. If they are dirty, then it reduces the amount of airflow and also deteriorates the quality of indoor air. Some air filters are reusable while some are replaced.

Check coils

Is it necessary to clean the AC outdoor unit? Yes, for better performance it’s important to take proper care of your outdoor unit.  Coils present in the air conditioner unit help refrigerants in absorbing heat from the surroundings and cooling the room. If dust is accumulated in these coils, then the ability to absorb heat reduces. This reduces the effectiveness of the AC unit. You can check if dust is collected in coils by seeing the condenser. Removing dust and debris will increase the functioning of the AC unit. 

Check condenser unit

Checking the condenser unit fan is also important. Sometimes there are cracks in the blades of the condenser fan. If an unusual sound is coming from the AC unit then, do check if there is any problem with the condenser fan. 

Inspect condenser drain

Sometimes, the condenser drain gets clogged. This stops drainage. You can use a dry/wet vacuum to clean the drain or pass a stiff wire through a condensate drain. 

Check coil fins

Aluminium fins that are present on evaporator and condenser coils easily get bent. These fins need to be combed back into their original size. Bend fins block the airflow through the coil. They can easily be cleaned and given their original size with the help of a fin comb. 

Winter season

When air conditioners are not used they should be covered. You can cover the condenser top with plywood or plastic to prevent dust and debris from entering the condenser unit. But, do not cover it fully. Covering the sides of the unit may result in the build-up of moisture. This results in corrosion.  Vermin may also build nests when the unit is completely covered. Remember to uncover it, when the air conditioner is operating. 

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostat programs the unit for different times. You can set a different temperature for different times of the day. This also helps in saving electricity, and the end-user also gets more effective performance.


Checking insulation around the outdoor lines is also important for the safety and proper running of an air conditioner. If it’s damaged, then consider replacing it. 

Keeping air conditioner in good condition

Regular maintenance and servicing are highly crucial for the proper maintenance of AC units. Guidelines are given in this blog post; you can take care of these factors for the proper working of your ac unit. 

Also, pay attention to your windows. Keeping them closed and covered is important while your ac is operating. You can easily cover it with the help of drapes, and blinds. 

How often do AC units need maintenance?

If you use your Ac for a whole year, then your ac needs maintenance twice a year. If you use your AC unit only during summers, then you should service your AC every year before the start of summer. 

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