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Best Ways to Prevent AC Repair

Imagine, you have reached home, and you are about to switch on your AC, but your AC is not working. Complete shutdown of AC costs heavy to repair and also takes a lot of time. More than that, it gives a lot of trouble to users. Here in this post, we will discuss the best ways to prevent AC Repair.

There are certain tips, if you will follow them, then you can avoid emergency AC repair. Air conditioners are now present in nearly every household, but very few take care of them. People generally don’t pay attention to it, until it stops working.  Timely maintenance and servicing help air conditioners avoid major issues. It also helps in extending the life span of an air conditioner. 

Best ways to prevent AC repair

Here are some of the best tips which will help you in preventing AC repairs

  1. Regular Maintenance

One of the most important things is to maintain your air conditioner. Timely inspection, maintenance, and servicing save a lot of time as well as cost. 

Things that are done in AC servicing in delhi include

  1. Inspection of all the parts
  2. Checking the level of refrigerant
  3. Cleaning air filters
  4. Checking fins
  5. Cleaning coils
  6. Checking drain lines
  7. Check water or refrigerant leak
  8. Accuracy of thermostat
  9. Checking fan

Ac professional will inspect all the parts, clean them, and ensure that the air conditioner is working at its best efficiency. It also helps in lowering power bills and saving power bills. If you use your AC for 3 to 4 months a year, then consider inspecting it once a year. If you also use your air conditioner during winters, consider maintaining it twice a year. This will ensure that AC will not stop working suddenly when you require it. 

2.  Cleaning Air filters

The Air filter catch all the dust and debris as air flows through it. So that clean air flows through the air conditioner. When too much dust and dirt gets accumulated in air filters, then it hinders airflow. 

If the air filter will not work properly, then it can deposit dirt and debris into the evaporator coil. It will reduce the heat absorbing capacity of the air conditioner. Your air conditioner needs to work harder to deliver cool air. As a result, it decreases efficiency and may increase power bills. 

There are replaceable filters as well as washable filters. Remember to clean air filters at regular intervals especially if you have pets in your home. 

Once a month is sufficient. If it’s too dirty for a long time, then it may also lead to water damage. You can call a professional AC service provider in Delhi to clean air filters. If it’s not reusable, then you will need to replace it. You should read the manual recommendation to know about air filters and when to replace or clean it. 

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3. Check drain lines

Inspecting and cleaning drain lines is also essential. Air conditioners also absorb moisture from the air. It then deposits in drain lines, and with time it is directed outside. It also gets clogged with dust and debris; therefore, it is important to clean it. If left dirty, then algae and fungus may accumulate there. 

It can easily be cleaned with a piece of cloth. You can also clean it with a mixture of vinegar and water. The best option is to call an AC expert to inspect and clean it. When you will call the AC expert for regular inspection, then remember that he does this task as well. 

4. Inspect the Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit ejects the hot air outside. Look if the surrounding area of the outdoor unit is cleaned. It is exposed to harsh weather conditions, and dust.

Clear at least two feet of the area surrounding your condenser unit. Leaves, twigs, and branches can hinder the functioning of the outdoor unit. There should be no debris on the top and side of the unit. 

Metal fins are also located outside. They are soft, they easily get bent. Realign them. They also collect dust and debris like leaves, twigs, clippings, etc. It can block the airflow, so cleaning them is also essential. 

5. Smart AC thermostat

You can upgrade to a smart thermostat. It will help you in saving costs. You can set the temperature when you’re home and even when you’re away. 

A programmable thermostat allows you to set temperatures for different timings of the day and automatically lowers the temperature when required. It reduces electricity bills and increases the working efficiency of the air conditioner. It also reduces the workload of AC units. Certain thermostats also help in detecting issues when AC does not work efficiently, when indoor air quality decreases, etc. 

6. Don’t ignore symptoms

Sometimes, you may notice something unusual in your air conditioner like warm air even in cool mode, unwanted noise, foul smell, a hike in electricity bill, etc. These are the symptoms that something is going wrong in your air conditioner. Never ignore such symptoms. Call an AC technician in Delhi as soon as possible and get it repaired. Repairing an appliance at an early stage of damage is better than doing it late. Doing it late only increases repairing costs. Not paying proper attention may further deteriorate the problem. Curing minor problems is easier than curing big problems. 

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Maintaining and servicing the air conditioner on time is crucial. It not only helps in saving costs, but you can take full advantage of your air conditioner. You can enjoy cool air in summers and warm air in winters uninterrupted. Furthermore, you can avoid unnecessary hassle during scorching summers.

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