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Do you want to be energetic? Do you want to work efficiently? If yes is your answer, then you need a good night’s sleep. Haier’s air conditioners provide excellent cooling capacity to help you get sound sleep, free from hotness. The Haier AC models are technologically advanced and the good looks of the model enhance the interior of your home. A wide variety of options of good Haier air conditioners are available to suit your specific requirements.

The decision to buy an AC should be considered by first calculating the area of your living space and then the size of the air conditioner.



 Firstly, decide the type of AC you want, split AC or a window AC. It depends upon the space availability and the amount you want to spend on buying the product. Window AC’s cost less than the split AC and are perfect for small rooms.


 It depends upon the size of the room and the hotness of the weather. A 1-ton AC is ideal for small rooms, and for medium or large-sized rooms, 1.5 or 2 ton AC is a good choice. If your room is small, then you can enquire about HAIER 1 ton AC price in India.  


A 5-Star AC is costlier than a 3-star AC, but it is also efficient and saves power bills.


You are investing in an important appliance, so it becomes essential to check if the company is providing the warranty or not.


Haier AC provides excellent prices for the features it offers.

Inverter or Non-inverter Ac

Inverter AC provides consistent cooling and saves energy, but non-inverter AC consumes more power because the compressor switches on and off multiple times to maintain the cooling, the power spikes whenever the compressor switches on and hence consumes more power. You can enquire for HAIER INVERTER AC 1 TON price to get the best inverter AC.

Here are some of the best air conditioner models of the Haier brand with one-ton capacity.

Haier 1 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner (Copper HSU-12TFW3CN White).

It provides a 1-year warranty on the product, 1 year on the condenser, and 10 years on the compressor. The copper condenser coil is easy to maintain and provides better cooling. It offers a dust filter as well. You can enquire about HAIER 1 TON 3-STAR SPLIT AC PRICE to get this best deal.

Haier 1 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, High-Density Filter, 2020 Model, HSU12C-TFW5B)

This split Ac comes with self-clean technology to automatically clean the evaporator of the AC. It also has a copper condenser coil. It offers superior cooling. To get this superior cooling AC, you can enquire about HAIER 1 TON 5-STAR INVERTER SPLIT AC.


This product of Haier offers a 1-year warranty on the product and 6 years on the compressor. You can enquire about Haier 1 ton 3-star window AC price to get a pocket-friendly deal.

If you want to see the prices of another model, you can check the list below

All Brands 1 ton AC price list in India (INR)
AC BrandsSplit AC 3 star Price Split AC 5 star PriceWindow AC 3 star Price Window AC 5 star Price Inverter Split AC 3 star Price Inverter Split AC 5 star Price Inverter Window AC 3 star Price Inverter Window AC 5 star Price
Voltas AC 1 ton price28,91034,99022,00024,03928,90735,99323,368 24,039
Hitachi AC 1 ton price33,39035,99023,99927,99032,69933,99024,09029,990
LLoyd AC 1 ton price29,00033,50022,00026,9903549039,99025,99029,890
Samsung AC 1 ton price27,49028,99024,04025,99030,99037,29026,00027,990
LG AC 1 ton price32,99036,49026,99031,99034,99037,99031,54033,990
O General 1 ton AC Price32,89033,54228,74931,79034,99042,99030,78032,990
Onida AC 1 ton price24,50127,50123,49027,49028,490 29,49029,99033,490
Panasonic 1 ton AC price31,99034,99523,99525,93036,50040,90024,890 26,890
Daikin AC 1 ton price31,50035,49028,44030,58032,49939,29032,50034,880
Carrier AC 1 ton price32,99533,99028,99030,99532,99536,84129,84130,990
Haier AC 1 ton price24,74929,89023,59027,50034,80040,99027,990 29,990
Bluestar AC 1 ton price31,49034,59023,49027,40031,89937,49027,99031,995
Godrej AC 1 ton price31,54033,89022,89525,82034,59035,89026,49029,490
Whirlpool AC 1 ton price27,89029,99424,44925,49527,80030,49026,49528,990
Mitsubishi 1 ton AC Price31,99035,78025,99527,99041,29042,29528,99030,590
Croma AC 1 ton price25,99527,99019,99522,98027,99531,99027,99029,890

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