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Whirlpool ac 1 ton 5 star price

Whirlpool ac 1 ton 5 star price

The heat is increasing because of the rise in global warming. So, plant more trees, to save your planet from global warming. Another thing you can do is to bring an air conditioner, which is within your budget to help you cool down and relax. Air conditioners are no longer a luxury product. In India, the market size of air conditioners has reached more than seven million units. They have become a necessity because of scorching summer heat. Nowadays, many companies are offering child air. It is so confusing to decide which AC is best for your sweet home. Whirlpool ACs not only provide child air but also an amazing experience because of their high technology. Whirlpool 1-ton split AC is an ideal option for offices and small-sized rooms. You can enquire about WHIRLPOOL 1 TON SPLIT AC price to buy it.

Why is Whirlpool AC an ideal choice for getting it installed in your home?

•        PRICE

Whirlpool AC provides the best price for the features it offers. They are a go-to option for a pocket-friendly choice. According to a survey conducted, half of the respondents stated that the prices of the air conditioners played a vital role in their purchase decisions. You can enquire about the Whirlpool window AC 1-ton price to get a pocket-friendly deal.


Heat transfer in copper is better than aluminum. The copper condenser is easy to clean and maintain. They are durable but costlier than aluminum. You can consider Whirlpool split AC 1-ton 3-star prices to get the best deal.


Turbo mode changes the set temperature to 16 °C to reduce the temperature of your room at the highest possible rate. If you want, you can also set the airflow direction or timer. Whirlpool’s 1-ton 5-star window AC provides you with this advanced technology to make your life cooler!  

•        Sixth SENSE POWER SAVER

Whirlpool’s 6th sense power saver technology delivers a perfect combination of power-saving and optimum cooling. It automatically senses the room temperature, and based on it controls the AC compressor performance. So, you don’t need to worry about changing the Air Conditioner settings if the humidity rises or falls, it will automatically do for you. You can enquire about Whirlpool 1 ton 5-star split AC prices in India to get this amazing technology.


Multi-Port Fluid Injection (MPFI) technology enhances the cooling output. MPFI technology facilitates a 4×4 evaporator circuit design that facilitates rapid heat exchange. You can enquire about Whirlpool 1 ton 3-star window AC price. Whirlpool’s window AC is economical to get you a budget-friendly deal.


Dual Fan Compressor Technology of Whirlpool enables the air conditioners to cool 50% faster even during intense summer and boosts the performance of the AC.


Sleep mode gives you a good night’s sleep for your energetic start of the next day. Changing the temperature of the AC disturbs your sleep. Therefore, Whirlpool has a Sleep function to solve your problem. Sleep mode will increase the temperature by 1 degree every hour, as you require less cooling when you sleep. This will also help you in saving electricity.


Whirlpool AC models are equipped with well-advanced technologies. They provide you with super performance and help you in energy saving.

AC BrandsSplit AC 3 star Price Split AC 5 star PriceWindow AC 3 star Price Window AC 5 star Price Inverter Split AC 3 star Price Inverter Split AC 5 star Price Inverter Window AC 3 star Price Inverter Window AC 5 star Price
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Hitachi AC 1 ton price33,39035,99023,99927,99032,69933,99024,09029,990
LLoyd AC 1 ton price29,00033,50022,00026,9903549039,99025,99029,890
Samsung AC 1 ton price27,49028,99024,04025,99030,99037,29026,00027,990
LG AC 1 ton price32,99036,49026,99031,99034,99037,99031,54033,990
O General 1 ton AC Price32,89033,54228,74931,79034,99042,99030,78032,990
Onida AC 1 ton price24,50127,50123,49027,49028,490 29,49029,99033,490
Panasonic 1 ton AC price31,99034,99523,99525,93036,50040,90024,890 26,890
Daikin AC 1 ton price31,50035,49028,44030,58032,49939,29032,50034,880
Carrier AC 1 ton price32,99533,99028,99030,99532,99536,84129,84130,990
Haier AC 1 ton price24,74929,89023,59027,50034,80040,99027,990 29,990
Bluestar AC 1 ton price31,49034,59023,49027,40031,89937,49027,99031,995
Godrej AC 1 ton price31,54033,89022,89525,82034,59035,89026,49029,490
Whirlpool AC 1 ton price27,89029,99424,44925,49527,80030,49026,49528,990
Mitsubishi 1 ton AC Price31,99035,78025,99527,99041,29042,29528,99030,590
Croma AC 1 ton price25,99527,99019,99522,98027,99531,99027,99029,890

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