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LG ac 1.5 ton price

With over a decade of experience in retail with vast knowledge and experience, at LG. They understand the needs and aspirations of our customers.  This is because, over the years, people have been constantly updating and adjusting their lifestyles, and  LG’s products made their living more comfortable.  As a result, our in-depth engagement with technology has enabled us to make a huge difference in the market with a wide range of our products combining the latest features at prices that are accessible to all.

Tired of scorching heat?

If the extreme summer heat is a problem, LG 1.5 ton AC is the solution if you are looking for a good air conditioner. it not only soothes the heat but also does not cause ‘any environmental impact’ due to its use.  LG   Inverter AC 1.5 ton cools a large area quickly. With its elegant design, LG split AC 1.5 ton price that includes five modes to meet your cooling needs.

1.         Turbo Mode

2.         Dry Mode

3.         Sleep Mode

4.         Auto mode

5.         Cool Mode

This split AC has a nice and attractive sleek design and is equipped with the latest technology.

Key features

•          100% Copper Evaporator & Condenser Coil

•          Hi-Grooved copper tubing

•          Energy efficient inverter

•          Dual rotary compressor

•          Auto swing -2 way

•          Five different modes

•          R-32 Green Refrigerant

Core material 100% copper

With high durability, Copper ensures higher heat transfer than aluminium so it can cool the room so faster. Copper coils allow for maximum energy efficiency, which results in lower power consumption This AC from Croma provides a bluefin evaporator and dual rotary compressors with 100% copper tubes, resulting in faster heat transfer and effective cooling. LG Split  AC two-ton price comes with a blue evaporator, double rotary compressors, and 100 % copper tubing, resulting in quick heat transfer and effective cooling.

No harmful emissions

Unlike other air conditioners, LG AC is at the forefront of environmental protection. Being the green version, LG Split AC 1.5 ton price uses R32 refrigerant and ensures a reduction in harmful emissions to the environment.

Bluefin evaporator

LG AC is equipped with a Blue Fins evaporator, it’s a coating that protects the heat exchangers’ heat exchangers with a hydrophilic material and The evaporator and condenser of  Chroma AC can withstand the harshest elements in nature such as ozonated air, rain, dust, and other destructive elements.

Dual Filters

Health care is the most important aspect of human life. LG  AC 1.5 ton comes with two filters: a high-density filter and a PM2.5 filter.  These filters facilitate the clean and fresh air to flow throughout the room and protect your loved ones from harmful substances and pathogens.

Leakage protection feature

In the event of a leak in the refrigerant, the refrigerant leakage detection feature allows the indoor unit to display the error automatically.  So this helps the user to know that there is a leak and the required troubleshooting action can be done.

Hidden display and Turbo Mode

  The display on LG  AC will only show when used.  The LED display indicates information when used and shows nothing when not in use. The Turbo Mode feature of this AC is designed to provide quick cooling to the user and with a simple click on the button your room will start to cool immediately.

  • All Brands 1 ton AC price list in India (INR)
  • AC Brands Split AC 3 star PriceSplit AC 5 star PriceWindow AC 3 star PriceWindow AC 5 star PriceInverter Split AC 3 star PriceInverter Split AC 5 star PriceInverter Window AC 3 star PriceInverter Window AC 5 star Price
    Voltas ac 1.5 ton price31,41039,01025,39029,99035,90739,99030,990 33,990
    Hitachi ac 1.5 ton price36,39039,59026,99932,99039,69943,99034,99041,990
    lloyd ac 1.5 ton price28,79936,99926,00027,99031,99039,59036,99039,890
    Samsung ac 1.5 ton price30,89034,99029,04032,99031,99041,99031,09037,990
    LG ac 1.5 ton price37,99039,49034,99037,99039,99045,99035,54038,990
    O general ac 1.5 ton price46,89055,19040,48942,79051,99063,00041,78043,990
    Onida ac 1.5 ton price list27,50133,50138,49030,49034,490 39,990 33,99038,490
    Panasonic ac 1.5 ton price34,99038,99530,99531,93039,50041,90034,890 35,890
    Daikin ac 1.5 ton price34,89039,49030,44031,59039,49942,29036,50039,880
    Carrier ac 1.5 ton price33,99536,99032,99036,99535,99539,84133,84137,990
    Haier ac 1.5 ton price34,79939,89025,59029,50040,80043,99032,990 37,990
    Bluestar 1.5 ton split ac price33,49036,59027,99030,40039,89942,49035,99037,995
    Godrej 1.5 ton split ac price34,54036,89025,89528,82036,59039,89029,49033,490
    Whirlpool ac 1.5 ton price29,89031,99424,99027,99536,80039,89028,49533,990
    Mitsubishi 1.5 ton AC Price39,99046,78029,99034,99047,29049,29528,99030,590
    Croma 1.5 ton ac price27,99529,99020,99524,98030,99534,99026,99030,890

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