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Inverter whirlpool ac 1.5 ton price in India

If you are thinking of purchasing an air conditioner to get relief from the scorching summer heat, you may be thinking about which brand of AC should I buy? Purchasing an air conditioner is a costly affair. So, one should buy it only after knowing all the benefits the product offers to give you the best experience.  

All Brands 1 ton AC price list in India (INR)

AC Brands Split AC 3 star PriceSplit AC 5 star PriceWindow AC 3 star PriceWindow AC 5 star PriceInverter Split AC 3 star PriceInverter Split AC 5 star PriceInverter Window AC 3 star PriceInverter Window AC 5 star Price
Voltas ac 1.5 ton price31,41039,01025,39029,99035,90739,99030,990 33,990
Hitachi ac 1.5 ton price36,39039,59026,99932,99039,69943,99034,99041,990
lloyd ac 1.5 ton price28,79936,99926,00027,99031,99039,59036,99039,890
Samsung ac 1.5 ton price30,89034,99029,04032,99031,99041,99031,09037,990
LG ac 1.5 ton price37,99039,49034,99037,99039,99045,99035,54038,990
O general ac 1.5 ton price46,89055,19040,48942,79051,99063,00041,78043,990
Onida ac 1.5 ton price list27,50133,50138,49030,49034,490 39,990 33,99038,490
Panasonic ac 1.5 ton price34,99038,99530,99531,93039,50041,90034,890 35,890
Daikin ac 1.5 ton price34,89039,49030,44031,59039,49942,29036,50039,880
Carrier ac 1.5 ton price33,99536,99032,99036,99535,99539,84133,84137,990
Haier ac 1.5 ton price34,79939,89025,59029,50040,80043,99032,990 37,990
Bluestar 1.5 ton split ac price33,49036,59027,99030,40039,89942,49035,99037,995
Godrej 1.5 ton split ac price34,54036,89025,89528,82036,59039,89029,49033,490
Whirlpool ac 1.5 ton price29,89031,99424,99027,99536,80039,89028,49533,990
Mitsubishi 1.5 ton AC Price39,99046,78029,99034,99047,29049,29528,99030,590
Croma 1.5 ton ac price27,99529,99020,99524,98030,99534,99026,99030,890

The Whirlpool Corporation has developed a good brand name for providing quality home appliances. So, if you are looking at which brand should I go for, then Whirlpool air conditioners are an excellent choice, their ACs are equipped with all the latest technologies. Equipped with technologies like 6th sense power saver, turbo cool technology, MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology with dual fan compressor technology provides you with the best experience with optimized cooling. You can enquire about Whirlpool 1.5 ton AC price to purchase an air conditioner, making you ready to beat that scorching summer heat.

whirlpool split ac 1.5 ton 3 star price in india

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Whirlpool ACs with intellicomfort technology have a smart logic chip for smart communication between indoor and outdoor units to adapt the AC unit operations. For example, if there is high humidity in the room, the indoor unit will command the outdoor unit to increase the condensation process and lower the fan speed to provide you with optimized cooling. You can enquire about Whirlpool’s 1.5 ton 5 stars AC price between India for purchasing an AC with the best comfort.


Whirlpool ACs with 3D vents provide you faster cooling by removing hot air speedily because of the presence of a 3-dimensional vent system that sucks hot air from the room more effectively than one vent system and cools your room more effectively. To add up more comfort in your life, the Fantasia models of Whirlpool gives you a 39 feet air throw system. You can enquire about Whirlpool 1.5ton 3 star AC price in India to purchase an AC with fast cooling capacity. 


Dual fan compressor technology has a twin rotary compressor that gives you more cooling and less noise. According to Whirlpool, it gives you 50% faster cooling.


Whirlpool ACs also provide you with clean and hygienic air by offering 4-layer filter technology. It is capable of removing dust, bacteria, foul odour, and PM 2.5 pollutants. The burning of fossil fuels, tobacco smoke, vehicle exhausts, are some sources of 2.5 pollutants. It can irritate your nose, eyes, coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath. You can find out the details of Whirlpool 1.5 ton split AC price for purchasing an AC that will give you clean and hygienic air.


All the latest models of Whirlpool air conditioners have a copper condenser. Copper is more efficient than aluminium. They are easy to repair and durable. You can inquire about the price of Whirlpool 1.5 ton inverter AC price to purchase it.


Whirlpool window ACs come with MPFI technology, which provides you with rapid cooling. It has a 4×4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange. Window ACs are less costly than split ACs. So, if you want to purchase a window AC, you can enquire about the Whirlpool 1.5 ton 3-star Window AC price to purchase it.

  • All Brands 1 ton AC price list in India (INR)

THE FINAL VERDICT Whirlpool air conditioners are equipped with all the latest technologies to provide you with the best experience with optimized cooling.

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