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Godrej ac 1.5 ton price in India

Installing an air conditioner has become a necessity in Indian households because of scorching summer heat. To get relaxation, you need an air conditioner which will keep you chill and your mind calm. So that you can focus on your work and earn more money. Godrej is one of the most popular brands in India for consumer electronic products. It also offers an exciting range of air conditioners to add more value to your life.

All Brands 1 ton AC price list in India (INR)

AC Brands Split AC 3 star PriceSplit AC 5 star PriceWindow AC 3 star PriceWindow AC 5 star PriceInverter Split AC 3 star PriceInverter Split AC 5 star PriceInverter Window AC 3 star PriceInverter Window AC 5 star Price
Voltas ac 1.5 ton price31,41039,01025,39029,99035,90739,99030,990 33,990
Hitachi ac 1.5 ton price36,39039,59026,99932,99039,69943,99034,99041,990
lloyd ac 1.5 ton price28,79936,99926,00027,99031,99039,59036,99039,890
Samsung ac 1.5 ton price30,89034,99029,04032,99031,99041,99031,09037,990
LG ac 1.5 ton price37,99039,49034,99037,99039,99045,99035,54038,990
O general ac 1.5 ton price46,89055,19040,48942,79051,99063,00041,78043,990
Onida ac 1.5 ton price list27,50133,50138,49030,49034,490 39,990 33,99038,490
Panasonic ac 1.5 ton price34,99038,99530,99531,93039,50041,90034,890 35,890
Daikin ac 1.5 ton price34,89039,49030,44031,59039,49942,29036,50039,880
Carrier ac 1.5 ton price33,99536,99032,99036,99535,99539,84133,84137,990
Haier ac 1.5 ton price34,79939,89025,59029,50040,80043,99032,990 37,990
Bluestar 1.5 ton split ac price33,49036,59027,99030,40039,89942,49035,99037,995
Godrej 1.5 ton split ac price34,54036,89025,89528,82036,59039,89029,49033,490
Whirlpool ac 1.5 ton price29,89031,99424,99027,99536,80039,89028,49533,990
Mitsubishi 1.5 ton AC Price39,99046,78029,99034,99047,29049,29528,99030,590
Croma 1.5 ton ac price27,99529,99020,99524,98030,99534,99026,99030,890

Here are some of the best technologies offered by Godrej which will help you in knowing Godrej air conditioners:



Modern Godrej ACs come with 4-way air technologies that blow cool air in multiple directions to ensure uniform cooling in the room. Users can rest anywhere in the room to ensure optimized cooling. Intelligent Air Throw (IAT) mode automatically senses the room temperature and adjusts it accordingly. The User Defined Air Throw mode facilitates the user to select the air throw from maximum to minimum, as per the preference, to ensure optimized cooling. You can enquire about Godrej 1.5 ton 5 star AC price to purchase an air conditioner and get maximum comfort.


Godrej ACs come with air filter technology. Catechin and Silver ion filters are used for air filtration. Catechin filters remove ugly odour from the indoor air. They have anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties. The silver ion kills the bacteria and prohibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If you want to purchase a Godrej AC, you can enquire about Godrej 1.5 ton 3 star AC price with amazing air filter technology.


There is a rising concern for ozone layer depletion. The refrigerant used in ACs is a major contributor to ozone layer depletion. New models of Godrej air conditioners use R32 and R290 refrigerants that have zero ozone depletion potential. R290 has the lowest global warming potential. You can enquire about Godrej 1.5 ton 3-star window AC price if you want to buy a window AC and Godrej 1.5 ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC price to buy a split AC with eco-friendly refrigerant.


Artic cool technology provides cooling up to 16° C in a short period for maximum comfort. Hurricane mode provides 38% better air throw than ordinary ACs that makes them the perfect fit for scorching summers.


Air conditioners need proper cleaning and maintenance to cool effectively, otherwise, their cooling capacity decreases. The latest models of Godrej ACs come with auto clean technology, which allows the AC to clean itself. After the AC is switched off, the fan runs for a few more seconds to blow the dust and other particles out of the AC. You can enquire about Godrej 1.5 ton AC price to get the best AC for your sweet home.


Premium Godrej AC models come with Isense technology that gives optimized cooling based on the user’s experience. It makes use of two sensors, one in the remote and the other in the unit, to determine user location. The AC will adjust the temperature based on the information received in the sensors, giving you maximum comfort.


If you want to get optimized cooling in your room or office in an energy-efficient way, then Godrej air conditioners should be your choice.

  • All Brands 1 ton AC price list in India (INR)

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