Holidays Office Closure Guide

The Quickbooks New Client Checklist is a fundamental tool for efficiently managing your clients’ financial affairs. From setting up accounts to customizing templates, this checklist covers it all, making financial management a breeze. Check out the FAQs below for additional guidance on using the Quickbooks New Client Checklist effectively. classification of investment Before agreeing to work together, take your time and review the project’s goals, achievements, and processes. Talk about the roles and expectations of all the team members toward the Quickbooks new bookkeeping client checklist. Be transparent to avoid misunderstandings later, and make sure your client gets clarifications where necessary.

  • Additionally, it should cover the banking establishments that are used by the company.
  • Using our checklist can help keep the whole Christmas office closure procedure hassle-free.
  • Let the client also understand your perspective on a successful project and give them time to share their view.
  • Consider factors like the number of users, features required, and budget.

With QuickBooks accounting software, you can automate invoice payment reminders, recurring bills and payroll. She followed the invite, connected the bank and has sent me a screenshot of the bank connected. The screenshot looks like she’s in an Accountant version of the software so it’s as if another business has been set up. You can access accounts, previous accounting systems, and inventory records through the communications system.

Then come to a common agreement on goals to make the project successful. If you’re planning to develop a new bookkeeping client checklist for onboarding, this guide is for you, as we’ll delve deeper into that and much more. If you’re looking for a more robust way to track projects, deadlines, and tasks across your team, check out Jetpack Workflow with a free 14 day trial here. It’s designed to make every client engagement easier, from tasks like the onboarding of clients to building timely reports.

How Do I Onboard a New Bookkeeping Client?

Small business clients are often very savvy in their fields but may not understand the finer points of accounting. Giving them a small sample of a couple of months of accounting to review gives them something concrete to provide comments on. This meeting can be done virtually or in person, but having a kickoff meeting will allow you to discuss the company’s financial structure.

  • Every business has long and short goals, which they create at different times.
  • The bookkeeping client onboarding questionnaire is like an interview where you want to know more about the customer.
  • Before agreeing to work together, take your time and review the project’s goals, achievements, and processes.

This is also a good time to take inventory of any personal accounts that are linked to the company accounts that regularly contribute funds and take withdrawals. You need to make sure these payments and deposits are not incorrectly entered as income or expenses. If you decide to keep your office open during the holiday season, you will need to keep in mind the rules around public holiday pay.

Can I import data from other accounting software into Quickbooks?

Create professional, branded invoices with custom templates that suit the client’s business style. When you’re working with the self-paced modules in QBOA, there’s also a document that you can reference as a guide while you’re working through or to keep on hand for later. It’s in that guide that you’ll find the checklist the module is referring to. In the Training section of the ProAdvisor tab, look for QuickBooks Online Certification Guide on the QuickBooks Online Certification tile.


Use CoraCloud  practice management software with the branded client portal and document management to remain organized while meeting client expectations. Whether you’re using the checklist or using our complete guide, you’re on the right track to be an expert in no time. You could track all of these processes using a spreadsheet or Google Docs, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Jetpack Workflow has 32 standardized accounting workflow templates that can be downloaded for free. As you can see, having an established workflow for things like client onboarding for QuickBooks can help you quickly and efficiently onboard new clients. Proactively tell the client when they can expect their books to be updated and how you will address any issues going forward.

Legal Obligations and Employee Annual Leave

You have clicked a link to a site outside of the QuickBooks or ProFile Communities. By clicking “Continue”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead. For more information, please check this article on how to add a new client in QuickBooks Online Accountant. In case you needed some ideas in managing your client’s bank account and transactions, you can visit our Banking Articles hub for reference. Meanwhile, may I know the name or any information of the bank of your client?

This gives your clients a better experience, and helps you grow from small business owner to effective team manager as you add more staff. You will probably need to assist with linking accounts to your client’s QuickBooks. However, doing so means that you will spend significantly less time on data entry and will provide more efficient and accurate bookkeeping services. The bank feeds provide a complete picture of the transactions in the bank, although they need to be reviewed for accuracy through regular reconciliations. This step can also include discussion about whether QuickBooks managed payroll services are right for the business.

Sales tax rates and rules can change, so it’s essential to regularly update these settings to ensure accurate calculations and compliance. The choice of subscription depends on the client’s business size and needs. Consider factors like the number of users, features required, and budget.

Whether you’ve been a bookkeeper for decades or you’re just getting started, some of your clients will be using QuickBooks. If you’re taking over existing clients on QuickBooks, they might already have their books set up and running, and you’ll be stepping into a well-oiled machine. Closing your office during the holiday season helps your team receive a well-deserved break during a slow period. Using our checklist can help keep the whole Christmas office closure procedure hassle-free. Before you close your office for the holidays you should send an email to your clients and partners to let them know. Contact us to learn more about the best tool to make your onboarding process easier.

So start with the basic, simple questions to help you understand what they deal with. Let the client tell you their business name, address, and industry or nature of business. Like evaluating the client’s reporting needs, this step can help you get them set up right from the start. If your client is using a third-party to run payroll, you can skip this step. However, having it in your standard workflow will ensure that you have the conversation with your client as you go through the onboarding process.

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